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Unicorn Bark Melts

Image of Unicorn Bark Melts
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🌈 Unicorn Bark : 3 oz ($4.05)
~ Under the Sea ~ tropical soda, avobath and mango
~ SoCal Soda ~ rosemary, mint, avobath and fizzy pop
~ You're Late for Tea ~ earl grey tea and pink sugar
~Super Snow Cone ~ blue raspberry slushie, fizzy pop and avobath
~ Bob Ross : Positive Energy Drink~ mac apple, mint and fizzy pop
~ Beach Huts and Coconuts~ fizzy pop, rosemary, mint and coconut milk
~ Rizzo~ pink sugar, lemonade and blue raspberry slushie
~ Barbie's Tea Party ~ pink sugar, tea and cakes
~ Kris Kringle~ shaving cream, frosted pine cones and vanilla