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Blender Bag Melts

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πŸ‘‘ Blender Bags: 2oz ($2.70)
- Earl Grey Tea
- Vanilla Champagne
- On Wednesdays We Wear Pink~ strawberry, marshmallow and pink sugar
- Under The Sea~ tropical soda, avobath and Mango
- We Were Only Trying To Drown Her~ margarita, pineapple, salty sea air and toasted marshmallow
- Purrmaid~ avobath, mojito, peppermint and marshmallow
- Brunch With Barbie ~ pink sugar, margarita, strawberry shortcake and lemon custard
- 90's Baby ~ rice crispy treats, fruity pebbles, double marshmallow and strawberry
- Call Me By Your Name~ shaving cream, blue sugar and lemongrass
- Mermaids: The Original Mean Girls~ tropical soda, vanilla and pina colada
- Rizzo~ pink sugar, lemonade and blue raspberry slushie
- Catch Me By The Sea~ salty sea air, avobath, lime and oranges
- Lana ~ lavender, blue raspberry slushie, cotton candy and pink sugar
- Pinterest Mom~ pink sugar, vanilla champagne and fruity pebbles
- Lost At Sea ~ salty sea air, avobath and mango sage tea
- SoCal Soda ~ rosemary, mint, avobath and fizzy pop
- Call Me On My Shell~ rainbow sherbet, orange sherbet, mango and pomegranate
- Mermaid Goals~ strawberry champagne, pineapple, coconut creme and pink sugar
- In Love With A Pirate~ pina colada, vanilla bean and blue sugar
- Soda Fountain Phosphate~ pink sugar, strawberry and cream soda
- Wilson~ shaving cream and green amber
- Cake By The Ocean~ lavender, marshmallow, powdered sugar, vanilla bean, wedding cake and green tea
- Lemony Snicket ~ vanilla sandalwood, coconut and lemon curd
- Lemony Snicket ~ vanilla sandalwood, coconut and lemon curd
- Ken~ shaving cream, pink chiffon, pink sugar and warm vanilla sugar
- Pink Drink~ strawberry, acai berry and pink sugar
- Are Mermaids Not Sweet?~ pink sugar, cotton candy, bubblegum, sweet tea and powdered sugar
- Levi~ shaving cream, aloe vera, cucumber and peppermint
- Frenchie~ pink sugar, mac apple and salty sea air
- Island Dreams- margarita, rainbow sherbet, marshmallow, and cream soda
- Born With Fins~ strawberry, orange sherbet and salt water taffy
- Resting Beach Face~ waffle cone, vanilla bean, cake batter and salty sea air
- Beauty School Dropout~ shaving cream, avobath and strawberry
- Take Me Away ~ salty sea air, olive branch, sandalwood and violets
- Buddy’s Breakfast ~ caramelized figs, rice crispie treats, and brown sugar glazed pralines
- Ruby Rose~ shaving cream, rose jam and warm vanilla sugar
- Jackie O ~ pink sugar, lavender and cotton candy
- Fairy Garden~ green amber, indian sandalwood, brown sugar and fig
- Valerie ~ earl grey tea and lemon custard
- Salty Kisses~ salty sea air, salt water taffy, toasted marshmallow and pink sugar
- Summer Days ~ watermelon, lemon, dash of mint and fizzy pop
- Maleficent~ pink sugar, sweet lavender, peppermint and cotton candy
- Call Me Mother ~ flannel sheets, margarita, vanilla champagne and warm vanilla sugar
- I Washed Up Like This~ salty sea air, pink sugar and moonlight pomegranate
- Castaway ~ black raspberry vanilla, lemon and salty sea air
- Blueberry Mint Mojito
- Barbie’s Beach Party- pink sugar, berry woods, salty sea air